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23 June 2017

“Diversity: the art of thinking independently together.”

In applying for the AMA Audience Diversity Academy, I set myself a series of professional and personal goals, namely to analyse and test ways in which I can contribute to Sound and Music’s ongoing aim to  address the issue and continued lack of diversification in the new music sector.  A key concern is ensuring that […]


6 March 2017

50:50 by 2020

To mark International Women’s Day 2017, Sound and Music make the following commitment: By March 2020, at least 50% of the composers we work with will identify as women ***************************************************************** It’s hard to pinpoint cause and effect, but in conversations with other female leaders in the sector, a number of us have noticed a creeping […]


21 February 2017

Want to work with us? Call for partners

We’re changing the way we select partners. We want to work with partners who share the same values as us, specifically around diversity, including gender, along with a shared approach to audience development and data insight. We want to work with partners who can create a supportive and valuable experience for composers. From ensembles, soloists, […]


21 April 2016

The Francis Chagrin Award and what we’ve seen change in the last few years

The Francis Chagrin Award and what we’ve seen change in the last few years So this great little pot of money we distribute to a wide range of composers from each year has been going for a while now. Set up in the name of one of our founding organisations’ (SPNM) founder, composer Francis Chagrin, it’s […]


22 March 2016

Because it’s 2016

Because it’s 2016 “When asked why he’s chosen equal numbers of men and women (for his cabinet), the second youngest Canadian PM simply answered: ‘Because it’s 2015’.” This cartoon sums up, for me, the conversation that’s been has been going on in the funded music sector (for at least the last 30 years) around diversity […]


16 March 2016

What three years of equal opportunities data has taught us.

For the last three years Sound and Music have been collecting data from applicants to our programmes. The data, collected at the end of the application process. helps us understand more about who is applying to our programmes and their reach. This data (at the moment) covers: education, gender, age, location, ethnicity, previous applications to […]