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12 December 2016

Minute of Listening comes to Hull!

One of the most enjoyable things I get to do in my job at Sound and Music is to curate content for Minute of Listening soundpacks.  So I was really pleased when PRS for Music Foundation invited us to work with them on their New Music Biennial, as part of the 2017 Hull City of […]


18 September 2016

New Music – Audience Survey the Results

Back in July we conducted our second New Music Audience Survey –  to find out more about interactions with new music audiences, from ‘you’ the people creating and producing the work. We wanted to know how things were going. How you were engaging with audiences, both online and offline. If audiences for your work had changed, […]


7 June 2016

We want to hear more about your audiences

Here at Sound and Music we use data and evidence to inform our creative programmes, activity and output. Our commitment is that we will evolve with you, and ensure that our work is timed to be the most useful, supportive, innovative and exciting that it can be. I am currently in the process of developing our […]


21 April 2016

The Francis Chagrin Award and what we’ve seen change in the last few years

The Francis Chagrin Award and what we’ve seen change in the last few years So this great little pot of money we distribute to a wide range of composers from each year has been going for a while now. Set up in the name of one of our founding organisations’ (SPNM) founder, composer Francis Chagrin, it’s […]


16 March 2016

What three years of equal opportunities data has taught us.

For the last three years Sound and Music have been collecting data from applicants to our programmes. The data, collected at the end of the application process. helps us understand more about who is applying to our programmes and their reach. This data (at the moment) covers: education, gender, age, location, ethnicity, previous applications to […]


1 September 2015

The newly relaunched Audience Labs and why you should apply this very instant.

Back at the end of 2013, Sound and Music launched the Audience Development Incubator with the idea that we could empower people to understand more about a crucial aspect of working in new music, the audience. Nearly two years on and 13 projects later we’re still keen on audiences and have redesigned the programme to take all […]


11 July 2014

Sounding Out: Digital – Audiences Online and New Platforms

As part of the New Music Biennial 2014, last weekend Sound and Music hosted two symposiums on the themes of online audiences and new platforms at the London Southbank Centre, and streamed online by Hugs Bison. Saturday’s panel was on the latest developments in online platforms, and how the new music community can best utilise them. It […]