We want to hear more about your audiences

Here at Sound and Music we use data and evidence to inform our creative programmes, activity and output.

Our commitment is that we will evolve with you, and ensure that our work is timed to be the most useful, supportive, innovative and exciting that it can be.

I am currently in the process of developing our first ever (to our knowledge!) creative Audience Development Programme.

Beneath the jargon of ‘Audience Development’ this means a programme that will help you understand more about the people who listen to new music, attend your events and spend their hard earned money on supporting your work.

It’s a mix of marketing, problem solving, listening, creativity and data, which is becoming increasingly more important in the arts.

First steps…

To understand more about your experiences we’ve devised the New Music Audience Survey which builds upon last years finding, with a few added extras.

Last year we discovered that perceptions around new music were a hot topic. And that there continues to be a clear relationship between growing audiences and the ‘is it for me’ question – this presents a big opportunity!

We wondered…

Do we need to develop the language we use?

Do we need to advertise more?

Do we need to put our lives on Social Media?

And what are the other missed opportunities out there?

This is what we are hoping to capture in our New Music Audience Survey and we will as always share what we find out.

We will analyse all the results, and compile a report which will be available freely online, along with the data captured.

Your views will mean we can design the best programme possible.

The survey is open until noon 7th July here: New Music Audience Survey 

If you have any thoughts you’d like to share outside the survey we’re here and all ears!

Contact us at: marketing@soundandmusic.org or tweet us @soundandmusic #NMaudiencesurvey

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