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15 March 2017

Calling all creative listeners: Can you make some new Minutes?

The Hull Minute of Listening Soundpack contains 60 minute-long pieces of music or sound which have compiled especially for Hull primary schools as part of the City of Culture and New Music Bienneial celebrations. Hopefully, everyone is now using Minute of Listening in their classrooms and enjoying its rich and varied listening experience! Here are […]


18 January 2017

Hull teachers get started with Minute of Listening!

It’s January and the Hull’s year as UK City of Culture has finally got underway!  Although I missed the fantastic New Year’s Eve fireworks, I was in Hull a few days later to meet some of the local teachers at one of our Minute of Listening Continuing Professional Development sessions.  They were all keen to […]


11 January 2017

Join the SaM Summer School for young composers and music creators!

As the SaM Summer School for young composers and creative musicians enters its ninth year, here are my thoughts on some of the students who have passed through its doors over the past decade. Sound and Music’s Summer School for young composers and creative musicians is a unique, intensive residential week for young people aged […]


12 December 2016

Minute of Listening comes to Hull!

One of the most enjoyable things I get to do in my job at Sound and Music is to curate content for Minute of Listening soundpacks.  So I was really pleased when PRS for Music Foundation invited us to work with them on their New Music Biennial, as part of the 2017 Hull City of […]


22 June 2016

How can we help pupils Listen, Imagine and Compose?

I come from a generation of musicians who didn’t get much opportunity to compose.  Like many young musicians getting to grips with playing their instruments, I did a lot of “noodling” in my practice time and even committed some of it to paper.  I did the old O’ Level, which involved writing perfect cadences and […]


17 May 2016

What works for you when teaching composing in the classroom?

I was delighted to be invited to host a recent MufuChat on the theme: “What works for you when teaching composing in the classroom?” I was also interested to know more about: What sorts of starting points do you use for composing How do you handle the transition from group to individual composing (for exam purposes) […]


14 July 2015

Minute of Listening #3

Have you ever had days at work when you wonder if it’s true you’re actually being paid to do your job?  I’ve been lucky enough to have had this experience whilst working on the new sound pack for Minute of Listening. Minute of Listening is an innovative resource for primary schools created by Sound and […]


24 June 2014

Sound and Music’s New Music Stage

Judith Robinson is a Creative Project Leader at Sound and Music and is responsible for a number of education projects including the Summer School. When asked what aspect of musical activity young people value the most, the majority say that opportunities to be creative are very important to them, whilst the most urgent area of […]