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    9 February 2018

    We are the change that we seek

    My journey through the Audience Diversity Academy has been an important and thought provoking step in my career as an audience development specialist. It has allowed me to step away from my own personal views and practices and honestly and transparently assess my own approach to audience diversity, my organisations approach and the sectors approach. […]

  • Learning, adapting and growing together

    Over the past 2 months I have begun to initiate and deploy the first set of newly developed audience data capture forms to the talented artists on Sound and Music’s Composer-Curator touring programme. This experiment aims to give these grassroots artists the tools to capture insightful audience data, including around diversity, from their own events […]

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    23 June 2017

    “Diversity: the art of thinking independently together.”

    In applying for the AMA Audience Diversity Academy, I set myself a series of professional and personal goals, namely to analyse and test ways in which I can contribute to Sound and Music’s ongoing aim to  address the issue and continued lack of diversification in the new music sector.  A key concern is ensuring that […]

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    12 June 2017

    Some Thoughts on Coaching and Mentoring

    “Mentoring is for the mentee. Most of all for the mind of the mentee. I think that Mentoring needs to focus on and develop the mentee’s finest independent thinking about their work, their career, their life, their dreams. The Mentor’s perspective is an important ingredient in this special relationship. But it feeds. It is not […]

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    15 March 2017

    Calling all creative listeners: Can you make some new Minutes?

    The Hull Minute of Listening Soundpack contains 60 minute-long pieces of music or sound which have compiled especially for Hull primary schools as part of the City of Culture and New Music Bienneial celebrations. Hopefully, everyone is now using Minute of Listening in their classrooms and enjoying its rich and varied listening experience! Here are […]