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10 April 2018

New Voices 2018 – Reflections On Applicant Data

Followers of Sound and Music’s activity, artists and talent development work will know that, over the last year or so, we have been working on some quite major developments and changes in the way that we recruit composers. We’ve wanted to move away from the partnership-led opportunity model of our previous programmes, Embedded and Portfolio, […]


12 June 2017

Some Thoughts on Coaching and Mentoring

“Mentoring is for the mentee. Most of all for the mind of the mentee. I think that Mentoring needs to focus on and develop the mentee’s finest independent thinking about their work, their career, their life, their dreams. The Mentor’s perspective is an important ingredient in this special relationship. But it feeds. It is not […]


1 February 2017

Getting More Diverse?

Pathways Phase 1 (Recruitment) – An Update On Our Process and Learning  In March we launched our Pathways call as part of our Active Encouragement programme supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. Dedicated readers will recall that I wrote a blog post at the time wherein I spoke of our intentions in initialising this project. […]


8 June 2016

An insight into the Adopt A Composer scheme

I’ve worked on Adopt A Composer for a few years now and it’s one of my favorite projects. It’s a project that really puts new music in front of new audiences, a project involving very deep collaboration and a real sense of shared achievement between composer and ensemble. Many composers have used it as a […]


6 June 2016

Make Do and Bend: An Introduction to Sound and Music

  Ahead of supporting Make, Do and Bend on Tuesday 7th June with the hub and London Sinfonietta at NESTA, Director of Programmes, Richard Whitelaw and Creative Project Leader (data), Kealy Cozens interviews themselves. Who are you and what do you do? KC: I’m a Creative Project Leader focusing on data at Sound and Music […]


22 March 2016

Because it’s 2016

Because it’s 2016 “When asked why he’s chosen equal numbers of men and women (for his cabinet), the second youngest Canadian PM simply answered: ‘Because it’s 2015’.” This cartoon sums up, for me, the conversation that’s been has been going on in the funded music sector (for at least the last 30 years) around diversity […]


5 January 2015

7 new opportunities for composers and those working in new music in 2015

At the start of this year we are delighted to open up 7 new opportunities for composers and those working in new music. Some are live right now – so get your applications in soon, otherwise, watch this space for the others, to be announced on our website soon. Apply to receive a Francis Chagrin […]


16 December 2014

Artistic Collaboration & Neuro-Linguistic Programming

On 22 September this year my colleagues Hannah Bujic, Nicole Rochman and myself ran an experimental session for composers and performers exploring the notion of collaboration, and how we might all do it better. This session took place at The Southbank Centre and featured young performers on the London Philharmonic Orchestra’s Future First scheme, composers […]


3 June 2014

Richard Whitelaw on Talent Development at Sound and Music

What Are We All Doing? Where Are We All Going? If you are reading this then hopefully you know that talent development is central to Sound and Music’s work. We spend a lot of our time creating new opportunities and we devote a lot of attention to supporting the professional development of artists. We believe […]


28 May 2014

Richard Whitelaw on Kuwaitscapes: part 2

5.30am alarm this morning to get to a television studio to be on a popular breakfast TV show called Sabah al Watan. No danger of a hangover in Kuwait and I felt fine after a swift Bounty and a cup of coffee in the studio cafe. The studio is deserted when we get there but […]


22 May 2014

Richard Whitelaw on Kuwaitscapes

This week I’m in Kuwait City, tirelessly working for British music, as part of a project called Kuwaitscapes that Sound and Music are presenting here in collaboration with The British Council. The lead artist in this project is Roshi Nasehi and if you click on the link above you can find out more about Roshi. […]


1 July 2013

Richard Whitelaw discusses the Clore Leadership course and the five levels of listening

Earlier this month I took a two-week break from the heated atmosphere of the Sound and Music office to attend a Clore Leadership Programme Short Course. This fortnight of reflection relocated me to the Linden Hall Golf and Country Club in Northumberland. Staying at Linden Hall’s like being transported into a game of Cluedo where the […]