An insight into the Adopt A Composer scheme

I’ve worked on Adopt A Composer for a few years now and it’s one of my favorite projects. It’s a project that really puts new music in front of new audiences, a project involving very deep collaboration and a real sense of shared achievement between composer and ensemble. Many composers have used it as a point of first connection with Sound and Music, going on to make successful applications to our other programmes. For many it has given them their first broadcast on the BBC. Participation in Adopt A Composer can be a transformational experience for many. Each year we all learn together through doing it. We support each other and work together, solving problems as we go. The diversity of pieces realised through the project, and the diversity of ensembles composers have engaged with are both huge. In terms of scale, new works for large orchestral forces all the way down to small consorts have been created. Successful pieces have been composed and performed for massed choirs as well as Ukulele bands. These pieces have been realised with local musicians from across the whole breadth of the UK

There is still time to apply to this fantastic and long running programme, please have a look and consider if it might be for you.

Adopt a Composer is open until 5pm in Thursday 23rd June. Find out more here.

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