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21 February 2017

Want to work with us? Call for partners

We’re changing the way we select partners. We want to work with partners who share the same values as us, specifically around diversity, including gender, along with a shared approach to audience development and data insight. We want to work with partners who can create a supportive and valuable experience for composers. From ensembles, soloists, […]


18 September 2016

New Music – Audience Survey the Results

Back in July we conducted our second New Music Audience Survey –  to find out more about interactions with new music audiences, from ‘you’ the people creating and producing the work. We wanted to know how things were going. How you were engaging with audiences, both online and offline. If audiences for your work had changed, […]


7 June 2016

We want to hear more about your audiences

Here at Sound and Music we use data and evidence to inform our creative programmes, activity and output. Our commitment is that we will evolve with you, and ensure that our work is timed to be the most useful, supportive, innovative and exciting that it can be. I am currently in the process of developing our […]


14 May 2016

Learning from artists – let’s try it.

Audience Development When writing about audience development in the context of art organisations, the first question that springs to mind is whether there is anything left to say. Personally, the prospect of another workshop, seminar or even the very words ‘audience development’ makes me sigh. It isn’t that I’m bored of discussing this topic − […]