The Questions Informing our Toolkit for Exporting

Yesterday we blogged about the development of our toolkit for working internationally.

Here are some of the issues we are talking to people about as we build the toolkit. We would love your thoughts on any of these issues either in the comments section on the blog, or on twitter mentioning the tag #samexport or @soundandmusic.

Questions to inform our international working toolkit:

  • Where do you go to engage with other composers and musicians?
  • What venues do you frequent?
  • What music industry networking activities do you participate in, if at all?
  • What is your concept and understanding of music export?
  • How important do you see exporting your compositions in terms of artistic and career development, outside of the work you do in the UK? What are the most important aspects of it for you?
  • What do you feel are the most important things to have in place in order to be successful in building your international career?
  • Have you composed music for film or TV (or has your existing music been used in this way)?
  • Have you placed any of your music in production music libraries?
  • Would you consider doing either of the above?
  • Do you have a publisher?
  • If you are self-published, how do you make your work available?
  • Do you have an agent?
  • Are you registered with PRS?
  • Does your music appear on recordings that have international distribution/availability?
  • We are interviewing a music lawyer for key tips to protecting oneself when exporting, are there any specific questions you would like answered?
  • Apart from the US and Germany, are there other priority markets for you?

    Let us know if there anything we have missed that you think we should be considering, by tweeting with #samexport or mentioning @soundandmusic.


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