Adam Cooper on Sound and Music’s Christmas Crowdfunder

We’ve been told that arts organisations can’t do crowd-funders, AND that it’s impossible to run more than one crowdfunder at a time. Naturally, as a new music organisation keen on pushing boundaries and breaking down assumptions, we’ve decided to disregard all of this advice!

We are raising money to fund three life-changing opportunities for three composers, and we wanted to give you the chance to choose between what strand of Sound and Music’s work you’d like to support. You get to choose which ones you’d like to donate to:

As well as the opportunity to scratch your philanthropic itch, there are a set of brilliant rewards for each appeal. You can become a named patron of the Summer School, attend a unique Embedded performance at Somerset House as a VIP, and you can name your very own Orchestral Pigeon.

I hope you’re inspired to give generously. You can do so by visiting

Please donate. Please help make a real difference for three lucky composers this Christmas.

Many thanks,

Adam Cooper
Head of Development
Sound and Music

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