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The Bohman Brothers with Richard Thomas

Sound and Music and The Bohman Brothers with Richard Thomas offer a unique opportunity for up to three composers to spend time working closely with the group, developing their writing, improvisational and collaborative skills in co-conceiving material for a premiere performance in spring 2015. The development process will be structured around an initial meeting followed by 2 workshop periods which we hope will offer scope for a shared journey of discovery, exploration and creation!  Selected composers will be closely involved in shaping both the workshop stages and final performance.

London-based Jonathan and Adam Bohman – aka the Bohman Brothers – are known for their unique experimental sound based live performances which use found objects, text and an innumerable array of sound sources. Their humorous visual set-ups which resemble hard-wired flea markets, are the basis from which the duo, in the spirit of Fluxus, musique concrète and sound poetry, create their often grotesque soundscapes freely quoting from any source available to them. Found texts such as advertising spiel is juxtaposed with sounds ranging from amplified shoe brushes to a tape cutup of seventeenth-century instruments.  The Bohman Brothers frequently perform live throughout the UK and Europe and also regularly appear on London’s art radio station Resonance 104.4FM.

Richard Thomas, born and raised in Wales, is part of the Bohman Brothers extended family and together they form the trio Secluded Bronte. He has gained a reputation as a performer, abstract composer, writer and broadcaster. His work is conceptually lead and wide ranging in terms of influence.

For composers interested in experimental and extra-musical sound, this presents an ideal developmental opportunity. To find out more, please read the call document available here.

Applications close noon 9th July.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_j1nvyqoRM]

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