What Next?

Since starting at Sound and Music a few months ago it has always been important to me that Sound and Music puts artists first; nurturing a thriving community, which is evident even on the Sampler blog. Through becoming a part of this community over the last few months, I know how much many of you care about communicating the power of new music and the arts better and therefore would like to know your views on the following.
What Next? is a movement bringing together arts and cultural organisations from across the UK, to articulate and strengthen the role of culture in our society. As part of our contribution to this we want to use the Sampler as a platform for people to write blogs on why you think the arts and culture matter for individuals and for society.
Every month we have a different theme, and this time we are looking for people to talk about the way the arts matter for the wider community. So this could be the impacts for health, wellbeing, education, social mobility, citizenship, economic development, town centre regeneration, community cohesion and inclusion. Or whatever matters to you.
We will collect together the responses and share online. Hopefully, we will at least spark a debate.
To take part just get in touch @soundandmusic on facebook or at marketing@soundandmusic.org


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