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11 August 2016

New Voices 2016 – 24.06 – 05.08 Music Recommendations // Reviewed

Welcome back for another round of recommendations from our New Voices of 2016! We hope you enjoyed our last playlist, but this time we have a slightly different set lined up for you: from choral to electronic, guitar, piano and strings, this month’s playlist mainly visits a slightly more acoustic realm of new music. That […]


8 July 2016

New Voices 2016 – 06.05-17.06 Music Recommendations // Reviewed

The circles of the experimental and contemporary music scene grow ever clearer as they are revealed in the recommendations of our New Voices. This month, we visit a variety of sonorities from across the aural plane, including (albeit, loose) categories such as electronic, glitch, ambient, soundscape, and classical contemporary. Top picks include artists: Sarah Angliss […]